About Hot Rod Cartoon

Passion Project

This site was started as an outlet for sharing a passion for cartoon vehicle drawings and exploring a side business venture catering to car enthusiasts. My employment involves graphic design and web design/development for many years, as well as published cartoons in CARtoons Magazine, and illustrations for MotorTrend, Hyundai Americas, and others. So this project is an extension of the creative field that is my career.

My desire for drawing and vehicles began as soon as I could hold something to draw with and witnessed the thrill of those rumbling things known as cars and trucks. Then, came the louder, faster, more colourful, bigger wheeled cars and trucks, and I was hooked. Always tinkering, doodling, and dreaming of vehicles as a child, those elements are present in this venture of creating Hot Rod Cartoon.

Thank you kindly for visiting and following along on my artistic journey!


Cartoonist Tim

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